Yes, my approach to relationships as a Relationship Coach, is different from working with a person’s Animal Companion, or with someone who is grieving and wants Help with Loss. But in all three of our Coaching Services (Relationship Coaching, Animal Communication, and Helping With Loss) there are themes of love and compassion. We may do some journaling. Maybe some role playing. Perhaps just listening and creating the a relationship between us where all your feelings, impulses and uncertainties are heard and respected. In our work together, all of you is welcomed.

Relationship Coaching

Our work is about you and the challenges you are facing with work relationships, emotional issues, family relationships that need untangling, or simply exploring ask for new ways of seeing and being. I offer a partnership to help you find the joy, comfort, intimacy you hope for.

Helping with Loss

Whether you have lost a pet or a partner, the "bone marrow" hurt from loss, rejection, is profound. It leaves us deeply empty and grieving. The loss of our better selves is especially distressing. This is when you need support to share your emotions, without embarrassment, self-consciousness or judgement.

Animal Connection

We approach each situation between you and your animal companion with an open heart and compassion. Whether your cats are fighting or your dog is aggressive at times, I see the situation from the animal’s point of view and establish an authentic conversation with your animal companion.

Service Description Price
Phone Consultation We speak for about 20 minutes to discuss what's troubling you and what I can do for you. Free of charge
Individual Session We have and in-depth discussion about your needs, helping to set your goals and identify your steps for achieving them. $125 per session
In-Depth Coaching Either in-person or over the phone, I work with you build the authentic relationships you need through the use of hands-on tactics such as journaling, role-playing, or even simply listening. Contact for Pricing

If you're ready to get started, contact me. Let's have a conversation about how I can help.