Helping with Loss

 The pain of loss is devastating. It strips us completely of of our familiar self, and as the poet John O'Donohue says, loss and grief make us feel a stranger has married our hearts. He says, "there are days when you have your heart back. You are able to function well until in the middle of work or some experience, when suddenly with no warning, you are ambushed with grief."

I believe the "bone marrow" hurt from loss, rejection, is profound.
Losing a pet leaves us deeply empty and grieving.
The loss of faith in a partner. Or the partner.
The loss of our better selves is especially distressing. Your heart grows heavy with loss, and no one  knows what has been taken from you when the silence of the absence deepens.

How can I help you? How do we work together?

  • We respect the grief that comes from loss. We never minimize it. We know grief is a living thing and we never try to cover it up or are embarrassed by how we express our loss.
  • We don't ever compare a loss to another's. Your loss and grief are uniquely yours. There are none greater or lesser.
  • We don't put a time table on the grieving process. We take as much time as we need to feel the feelings, and see them as natural, healthy and very important to healing.
  • We will write and talk about what you are feeling, respecting everything you feel and never judging.
  • We will be silent when words do nothing for us. We will let the conversations go where you need them to.
  • We will meet as often as necessary until the heart, mind and body are ready to move on.
  • We may work with helpful techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sometimes known as "tapping," as well as meditation techniques and other body-based approaches that help relieve tension and restore emotional balance.
As we take the healing journey together, we have no expectations but trust that the work of grief will be done and "the wound of loss will heal."

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