Creating Your Own Reality


In my work with clients, and in my animal communication work, I often practice diving deeply into the imagination, trying to activate the metaphoric mind and intuitive self, both in myself and in my clients or coachees.

I could be working with a stressed couple or an uncertain executive. But I find the logical, verbal approach to working through a conflict doesn’t work so well in clarifying or remedying situations.
It seldom brings about the changes we’re seeking.
But it’s our emotional and physical states that affect us immediately, and create more lasting shifts in consciousness and perception.
These shifts come about through associations with rich imagery, recollections, “imagined” conversations, connections with a garden, or/and a beloved animal or person.

When clients allow themselves to tap into their “intuitive self” and feel their (imagined) experiences, I see real, physical changes.
There’s a softening. Smiles come more easily. Shoulders relax.
And then they are in a deep listening and hearing mode. I do not have to respond.
I just listen.
These moments are special; they are the foundation for the goal-oriented, specific action plan that we will eventually create together.

In communicating with animals or babies, for example, we drop our literal, linear thinking minds and rely our intuitive minds.  Our hearts. It’s a simple, direct connection. You and “The Other” feel it.

A client spoke of her deep affection for a big rock she frequently went to for comfort and solitude. Her language, when she shared those experiences, was warm, comfortable and full of affection. She spoke of the relationship with the rock in a loving human, happy tone.  

The rock was alive for her.  

We could then begin to work.
This openness would not have come if we talked logically, intellectually about goals and objectives.

“But it’s all imagination. “It’s not real. How can it help real problems?” you ask.

If your imagination, your intuition, your “metaphoric mind” take you to places of deeper connection, more openness, more love, how can it not help move you closer to your best self.
How can that not make “goal achieving more honest and effortless.



During coaching or therapy….or just self-talk, we ought to be creating new realities for ourselves as ways of growing. When a client re-experiences the love he or she has for her dog or cat or bird companion, or friend or a forest, and shares that, there is a transformation into a self-made reality.
That is the best way forward.  



How Does it Work?
When we are in conflict with anyone (or ourselves), try “dropping into” the loves of your life, the “things” that move your heart deeply. Stay there until you feel your new reality.
Stop talking.
Stop discussing.
Just get back in touch with a “loving moment,” or imagine one deeply.
The conflicts will very likely resolve themselves. Solutions will present themselves to a more receptive you.

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