Core Values


When I talk about the “core values” of Life Coaching, at The Other Me Coaching, I’m really talking about the core values of life. Or, rather how people want to live their lives, and how the relationship that develops in the coaching process can make that possible.

What ARE your Core Values, or Core Beliefs?

For example, here are some of mine. If you can relate to them, wonderful. If not, I’d like to know what yours are and want you to help me understand them.

• I am a caring person learning to love better and more deeply and less critically. I think this value started with my early love for animals.

• I value and believe in fairness and openness, and strive never to hurt another human being, or any being.

• I believe I am gifted in language, listening and certain kinds of perceptions, and value those talents and feel deep gratitude for them.
What about you? What are your Talents and Gifts? Are you grateful for them and celebrate them?

• I value and believe in the ability to feel deeply—or sometimes not at all! I’m curious why that is. But I accept it it is what it is, and don’t get down on myself.

• I believe I am special, but that does not entitle me to special treatment!
I believe you are special too. Do you believe it? Practice it?

• There were times when my parents and trusted caretakers shamed me by their punishment, words, actions into believing I was not lovable person.
That’s their problem, and central to my Core Beliefs is that a everyone has experienced rejection and hurt by those they love and trust. But that these are not limiting or even accurate beliefs and they can be changed.

So, when we work together , we focus on all the good and success you’re capable of. We stress, as a vital Core Belief or Value, to be patient with yourself and your valued partners.

Nothing is “wrong” with you. Or your partner (spouse, child, boss, significant other, etc). We all get stuck, tangled. Are more reactive than we want to be, and stop listening and caring.

That’s natural. But coaching can help get past these blocks, and come up with a plan to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Give it a try. Give me a call or an email!