When Our Animal Companions Leave Us

“Animals have souls the Dalai Lama would envy.”  – Andrew Harvey   It’s been months now since our very brave and beautiful black cat,  Kyro, past over.  He is  physically gone from our lives.    I thought for sure that by now the heartbreak, pain and emptiness would lessen.  I thought by now my voice […]

The Wonder of Teddy Bears

When we, a friend or family member, give a “stuffed” bear or panda or kitty or lion to a child, what are we thinking?

Somewhere in our emotional selves, there’s a “sense” of the child and the “animal” bonding, keeping each other company.
Perhaps we know they’ll have some great conversations.
Somehow we believe having Doggie or Tigger to hug, talk to and play with keeps loneliness away.

Run, Aleppo, Run…Run, Spot, Run!

Is there a qualitative difference between human life and other life? And does it matter?

I know Aleppo, Syria. It’s called “Halib” in Arabic, the root word, I believe, for milk.

I don’t know why exactly. Perhaps it expresses deep feelings of love for Aleppo as the “nourishment,” the “cream city” of cities.

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

The Book, the Fox, and the Boy: Pax by Sara Pennypacker

For me, the deepest feelings and moving experiences in any book are the relationships the author exposes us to.
But for some time I’ve been unsatisfied with the complex, secular people in the books I’ve been reading.
I realize the richness of a literary experience is determined by the layers of conflict and uncertainty the reader works through, and these may be considered signs of intellectual and literary maturity.

Praising Animal Communication

Animal Communication! Animal communication, and our relationship with animals, continues to astonish and move us. Anyone who has ever had an animal companion feels deeply the love that passes between an animal and a human.  These creatures, every bit our equals or superiors, are profound teachers. Tolle himself said he had met many Zen masters […]

Argos the dog, Odysseus the hero… and Us

Who can forget Argos. The deep, rich story of the relationship between Argos and Odysseus that has touched and challenged my heart, and the hearts of so many. Argos was Odysseus’ beloved dog a creature of such grace, speed and magnificence, the gods themselves were envious. The story is that Homer’s heroic figure was struggling […]

Seek Animal Wisdom To Find Connection

“I have met many Zen Masters, and all of them are cats.” Eckhart Tolle “If the Louvre were burning and I could save one thing, it would be the caretakers cat.” Alberto Giacometti Linda Bender is a deep spirit and caring person. She’s also a doctor of veterinarian medicine and a profound animal communicator and […]

[Audio] The Empowered Visionary Summit

Dear Friends, I’ve been asked to be one of 20 people speaking at the Empowered Visionary Summit. This is its final week. I’m honored to be keeping company with powerful believers and healers including Amelia Kinkade, SARK, Dr. Bernie Siegal, Sandra Ingerman, Dr. Martha Beck, Mark Bekoff (Jane Goodall’s partner) … all of whom are […]

Your Imagination is Key to a Happier, Newer You

Images and metaphors are a powerful language, an actual way by which we can all consciously interact with our internal process, our inner lives and the world around us…it’s a way to communicate at a level that bypasses logic and allows us deeper levels of understanding.

Why We Should Stop Telling Kids They’re Smart

If your child gets an “A” on a test, and you tell her how great that is, you’re praising her intelligence, complimenting her on how smart she is. BUT, you’re setting up a situation in which the child associates praise and acceptance with getting a high grade.