Animal Connection

In our Animal Communication work, I ask for a photo of your animal companion and a brief description of the animal and the issues you want help with. Could be why one cat attacks the other. Or why your dog is aggressive at some times and not others.

How we Work Together to improve your Animal Connection

  • In this work, I try to see the situation from the animal’s point of view, his or her perspective.
  • I work with you, exploring ways of improving communication between you and your animal companion.
  • There is absolutely a deemphasizing of authoritative control, or showing who’s “the boss.”
  • We work to establish an authentic conversation, between you and your animal friend.
  • We want to approach each situation between you and your animal companion with an open heart and compassion.

What People are Saying

"You described the essence of my relationship with (my dog) Bogie. For you to be able to give such detail is true telepathy. I honestly could not have been able to describe us better myself. Thank you so much!" - Debra, Client


Certified Animal Communication Coach

Deepening Animal Communication

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