I’m Kaleel, and I’ve been coaching all my life.


Concentrating on relationships and their stories is a natural next step for me in my life’s journey, working, as I did, as a journalist and editor for NPR and Christian Science Monitor. Listening to the stories people wanted to tell (and needed help in telling) was the job.

Then I became a certified personal life coach and started my company: The Other Me Coaching. Through my Relationship Coaching, I work with my clients to discover the connected, authentic relationships we all seek.

As a Certified Coach (ICPA Harvard Medical School affiliate) I’m honored when I’m let into peoples’ lives. Much of my work borrows from Dick Schwartz’s exciting Internal Family Systems (IFS), and other approaches, like storytelling and role playing where peoples’ stories come alive and three-dimensional.

I find these tactics to work especially well with clients dealing with the devastating pain of loss. The “bone marrow” hurt from loss or rejection is profound. It leaves us deeply empty and grieving. The loss of our better selves is especially distressing. I help my clients cope with their loss by offering support to share their emotions, without embarrassment, self-consciousness or judgement.

During my days (and nights) as a Relationship Coach, I became increasingly aware and amazed that even the most “stuck” or “hard to reach coachee or client,” responded with surprising and joyful openness and good feeling whenever I asked them to talk about their animal companions, their pets. They visibly relaxed and softened. This openness and empathy with their animals really sped up the process of working on the relationship and led me to study the fascinating field of Animal Connection, which allows me to work with my clients’ relationships with their animal companions.

Animals can and do communicate with us, and my work has been to “listen in” and develop a two way conversation with them. Almost always bringing in the love and communication between clients’ pets and themselves, the coaching process becomes more fun, connected and successful!

Prior to my starting The Other Me Coaching, I created (and currently continue as CEO) New Media Travel whose flagship product is the 1-minute Travel Video Postcard. We’ve created 245+ short-form travel videos, receiving 7+ million views and has hundreds of subscribers for travel businesses and major publications. We also help coach people with travel anxieties.

If you’re interested in a quick conversation, or more, email me or give me a call. I’m looking forward to our conversation. 🙂

I’m at Kaleel@theothermecoaching.com
or 617 818 1432
Twitter: @othermecoaching
Facebook: OtherMeCoaching

Certifications & Training

logoRelationship Coaching, Treating Couples, certified by Harvard Medical School

HBLU-JUDITH-LOGO-1Mind & Body Healing, certified by HBLU Academy

New-ai-world-e1467772209190Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), certified by AAMET

CRLogo_newReiki Jin Kei Do, trained by Christine Radici, RMT

NancyWindheartLogo-Final-Orange-copy2Animal Communication, trained by Nancy Windheart






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