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Get the experience and power and clarity of Relationship Coaching joined with the wonder of Animal Communication!

Meet Kaleel

Introducing The Other Me Coaching

Listen to Kaleel in a Session!

"People go to therapy when they are stuck on old stories and can’t figure out how to extract themselves. People come to Professional Coaches when they want to convert problems to possibilities, plan for bigger and more fulfilling future stories."

~ Dr. David Krueger, Mentor Coach

Core Values

When I talk about the “core values" of Life Coaching, at The Other Me Coaching, I’m really talking about the core values of life. Or, rather how people want to live their lives, and how the relationship that develops in the coaching process can make that possible. What ARE your Core Values, or Core Beliefs?


The Process

OK, so you have to be curious about “the process,” about how we work together. To begin with, we have a simple, informal conversation. No cost; no pressure; no agenda. Just you and I talking about you, your work, my activities, your hobbies, my sports teams, your life at work, home, whatever.

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Coaching Expectations

Expectations: Who will benefit from our work together? Of course you want to know what you can “expect” from working together. I would also add, let’s talk about what you expect from yourself. And expect from me. And what I expect from myself. And expect from you.

Overview of Benefits

What people are saying about Kaleel’s Life Coaching!

I can say for sure that Kaleel is a very good listener and you get a sense very quickly that he’s non-judgement and sympathetic – after talking to Kaleel I always feel encouraged and look forward to our next meeting.
– Hank D.
Half of the time, I don’t understand Kaleel’s questions, but I love him dearly! I wish I had 6 more like him. I love peeps who are engaged and start thought-provoking (and often controversial) discussions… and Kaleel is a pro at this—and… I thought I was into animals – Kaleel is at a totally different level, about 17 notches above me. – E.G.Sebastian – CPC, CSL
Kaleel has a very special listening skills…so few people have them ..which means he knows just the right questions to ask…and those questions can lead to wonderful, helpful discoveries. – Wendie H.
Here in Denmark we value open conversations about what makes relationships work. Kaleel has led many workshops at the Herning Hojskole, each of them very kinetic and dramatic. He has opened many of our minds and eyes through his work, and we here in Denmark appreciate him.”  – Hella A., Headmistress, Herning Hojskole, Denmark
Working with Kaleel is very much a partnership thing. I love the way he listens, and the kinds of questions he asks are not always easy to answer, but are always very insightful. They teach me things about myself..and I’m very happy to see that he too learns from me, and isn’t afraid to show that. A great coaching experience. – Maria S.
Kaleel’s insight, ready ear and easy-going nature often turn a simple conversation into a moment of self awareness and a potential outline for conflict resolution. You may start with a friendly cup of coffee but by the last drop he’s introduced you to a new perspective on how to look at specific issues or given you some added tools to address whatever may be of concern. Of course the work is up to you, but Kaleel’s approach makes it feel possible, and that’s half the battle. – Lance S.
Kaleel Sakakeeny is a talented speaker, one who knows how to turn an audience into a roomful of engaged listeners.  He adds humor with opinionated critiques of popular culture, and interacts thoughtfully during Q&As and workshop discussions. Highly recommended. – Kyle M.